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How Will Your Marketing Be Remembered

Are There OMG Moments Available

The Cadbury’s milk tray advert with the man in the black outfit skiing perilously down the mountain to deliver chocolates to his loved one over 30 years old “and all because the lady loved Milk Tray”.

This leads us to the question how will your brand be remembered in 30 minutes, 30 days, 30 months or 30 years time?

What opportunities are there for you to OMG moments regardless of whether you are are a manufacturer of widgets or a legal practice. Now some companies may say I haven’t got a sexy / desirable product or the budget like Cadburys! The fact is you can create marketing great moments at low / no cost . We live in a world of opportunities the challenge is to capitalise on them.

How Will Your Marketing Be Remembered

Some OMG Examples

The 2010 world cup held in South Africa saw the noisy vuvuzelas becoming an incredibly popular item being seen and heard at every game. It seemed that everybody had one (even if they couldn’t play them very well). but they weren’t the best selling item at the world cup, that honor went to the humble ear plug. A definite case of up-sell and cross sell with sellers recognising an additional profitable market opportunity.

  • The birth of the royal baby Prince George of Cambridge on 22nd July 2013 was a huge global event. Within minutes of the birth there were examples of opportunity marketing greats
  • Prepare the royal milk featuring a baby bottle of milk with an Oreo
  • The Delta airlines image of a baby looking up at a child’s mobile with Delta aeroplanes on
  • The share a coke image with two bottles featuring the names Kate & William

Now all the above are big brand names that have a huge marketing resource, but what other opportunities present themselves within your market sector?

OMG As Part Of Your Sales Process

Well trained staff in a normal interaction can ask incredibly powerful questions as part of the sales process

  • Is this for anyone special
  • What’s your daughters name
  • Having the capability of adding an element of personalisation
  • Moving the customer / prospect away from a ‘standard’ transaction and leading to an experience that stops them in their tracks

How Will Your Marketing Be Remembered – OMG As Part Of A proposal

Where you do not have a direct interaction with the customer e.g you have to submit a proposal the same still applies. When the customer gets the proposal does it appear just like all the other proposals? Or does your proposal have that OMG factor that differentiates it from all others, helping you engage with the customer.
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