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Hard Fun With Lego Serious Play

I recently attended a great workshop called “Hard Fun With Lego Serious Play”.  The very fast paced session (we had one hour to complete what I believe would normally take three) showcased how using Lego bricks in a structured task focused approach could help provide some truly amazing insights.

One off the main drivers for the Serious Play was that it managed to achieve 100% commitment from all of those involved in a business meeting. The analogy was that with Lego you use both sides of your brain (and your hands become the search engine).

The use of Serious Play overcame the “lean backwards” type meetings where attendees have only 10% (conscious mind ) on the meeting whilst the remaining 90% subconscious mind is busy involved in non work activities

Hard Fun With Lego Serious Play

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Lego Serious Play Is Used By Big Companies

Lego serious play has been around for some time and has been utilised by many blue chip organisations to solve or resolve business issues. Companies such as Google, Virgin, NASA, Coke , Pfizer and Microsoft ave all used these plastic bricks to provide a different dimension to problem solving.

The simple but highly powerful fact that came out of Lego Serious Play was that we can build things that we might normally find difficult to describe

The original activities were individually focused and aimed to show that everyone was creative and could provide a positive and unique approach / feedback to a challenge. Importantly whilst we all had the same Lego component parts different people saw the components and structures that were constructed in completely different ways.
After building individually we then started to build shared models which illustrated fantastically

  • that with Lego you could build things to communicate a message that would have been very difficult to draw
  • through using the Lego blocks we got 100 % participation from the group members
  • The activities actually provided greater insight
  • From a simple challenge with Lego we got more ideas, more ownership and certainly did all of this in a fun way

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Fun and Engaging

Lego can be a fun and engaging tool to help facilitate business meetings and brainstorming sessions. Here are some ways that Lego can be used in a business context:

  1. Build models to represent ideas: Lego bricks can be used to create physical representations of ideas and concepts, allowing participants to visualize and discuss them in a concrete way.
  2. Use Lego Serious Play methodology: Lego Serious Play is a facilitation technique that uses Lego bricks to encourage creative thinking and problem-solving. Participants build models in response to prompts or questions, and then share their models and insights with the group.
  3. Encourage collaboration and communication: Working together to build something with Lego can help participants develop their communication and collaboration skills, which can be valuable in a business setting.
  4. Break the ice: Lego can be a great way to break the ice and get participants comfortable with one another, especially if they are meeting for the first time.
  5. Spark creativity: The tactile and visual nature of Lego can inspire creativity and help participants think outside the box.

Using Lego as a tool in business meetings can help participants engage with the content, promote collaboration and communication, and encourage creative thinking

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