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Marketing Nuggets – Helping You Find Yours

Discover some great practical sales and marketing ideas that you can apply immediately in your business.

Ideal for: Small business owners and managers in small to medium organisations with a sales and marketing responsibility. These presentations are suitable for all product or service based organisations, including the not-for-profit sector.

Benefits from attending:

  • Change the way you think about marketing your business.
  • Discover new ways to think about your customers and products/services.
  • Stimulate your marketing activity.

Event format: Each session takes the form of a one-hour intensive and practical presentation providing you with ideas and key activities you can complete back at work.

The seven Marketing Nugget sessions include:

Marketing Nuggets Blue Dolphin business Development

1. Understanding your customers – why customers might want to buy from you

  • Why customers aren’t all equal.
  • Why customers buy.
  • How customers buy.
  • What customers do once they have bought.

2. Product development – making sure you have the products your customers want.

  • What makes up a product?
  • How to develop existing products.
  • Why the customer should be part of the process.
  • Why new products fail and how to avoid the traps.

3. Competitor research – making sure you differentiate yourself from the rest

  • Who are your competitors?
  • Why would your customers buy from them?
  • Accurately researching your competitors.
  • The importance of correct pricing.

4. Communicating with customers and prospects – getting your message across

  • Getting the message right.
  • Making sure the message gets to them.
  • Get more bangs for your bucks.
  • Developing a one-page promotional plan.

5. Digital marketing – making the web work for you

  • Four key website rules.
  • Creating powerful email.
  • Using social media as a business tool.
  • Mobile marketing.

6. The service element – delighting your customers

  • Identify what’s of importance to your customers.
  • Have you got systems in place to deliver?
  • Have you got the right people?
  • Managing customer expectations.

7. Getting your strategy straight – knowing where you are going

  • Vision – know where you are going.
  • Choosing your customers.
  • Give your customers what they want.
  • Developing a one-page business plan.

Marketing Nuggets

For more information on finding your marketing nuggets click here. To talk with Andrew Goode FCIM and experienced and qualified marketing professional click here

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