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UK Foreign Subsidiaries

According to the latest available data from the UK government’s Companies House database, as of December 2021, there were approximately 16,000 UK subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies.

It’s important to note that this number can fluctuate over time due to factors such as mergers and acquisitions, business closures, and new company formations. Additionally, this figure only accounts for companies that are legally registered in the UK, and there may be other international corporations with operations in the UK that do not have a registered subsidiary.

There is no legal requirement for a UK subsidiary of an international corporation to have its own local website. However, having a website can be a useful tool for the subsidiary to establish its presence in the UK market and to communicate with its customers, clients, and stakeholders.

Having a website can help the subsidiary to:

  1. Increase its visibility and accessibility in the UK market
  2. Provide information about its products or services to potential customers and clients
  3. Build its brand and reputation in the UK
  4. Engage with its stakeholders, including customers, clients, employees, investors, and the general public
  5. Collect feedback and data from its stakeholders

While it is not a legal requirement, it is often beneficial for a UK subsidiary of an international corporation to have its own local website.

Country Specific Websites

Having a country-specific website can provide several benefits for an international corporation with a presence in the UK. Here are some potential benefits:

  1. Better User Experience: A country-specific website can provide a better user experience for local customers by offering localized content, language, and currency. This can help to increase engagement and sales.
  2. Local SEO: A country-specific website can help to improve the corporation’s search engine optimisation (SEO) for local searches, as search engines tend to favor websites with local content that is relevant to the user’s location.
  3. Cultural Sensitivity: A country-specific website can demonstrate the corporation’s commitment to understanding and catering to the cultural norms and preferences of the local market, which can enhance the brand’s reputation and appeal.
  4. Compliance: A country-specific website can help to ensure that the corporation is compliant with local laws and regulations regarding website content and data privacy.
  5. Targeted Marketing: A country-specific website can provide opportunities for targeted marketing campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the local market.

Having a country-specific website can be a valuable tool for international corporations to establish and maintain a strong presence in local markets, and to better serve the needs of local customers and clients

Global Headquaters
European Focus
UK Specific Content

Developing a noisy local site to match a corporate theme

For many international companies a corporate website is just that, a website that focuses on the bigger corporate picture and doesnt help towards their specific local business generation needs. In many cases a corporate site will not be designed to rank or provide a simple customer journey. In many cases navigation can be incredibly complicated and identifying a country specific telephone number a real challenge

For many UK companies there has not been a solution to providing a UK focus that complements the corporate site.

Noisy websites that work locally but complement Corporate

Using our website platform we were able to provide Vector with a noisy site, with a UK sector focus and very clear UK calls to action. Where necessary the visitor could switch to the corporate site (for purchasing) without noticing a change.

corporate websites for uk subsidiaries web design peterborough

To find out more about developing, creating and implementing UK based Marketing and Sales activities that match “corporate” guidelines (but actually help generate sales enquiries)

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