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Blue Dolphin Business Development Ltd
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Fraser Ross House, 24 Broad Street, Stamford, PE9 1PJ
Company Number 6123312
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Phone: 01733 361729


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Getsites Websites With A Business Purpose

Does your website proactively help you grow and develop your business

We developed our Getsite™ approach 10 years ago to overcome the issue that businesses had that their websites whilst ‘pretty’ weren’t proactively helping in sales and marketing.

The benefits of Getsites™ (Optimised WordPress websites)

  • Getsites are designed for optimum use on mobile, tablet and all PC screen sizes
  • We start the website development based on generating you more business as opposed to just creating a graphic designed pretty site.
  • Simple content management system allows you to update and make changes
  • Capture the details of those who are looking at your site
  • Integrate seamlessly with e mail activities
  • Optimised to rank organically – you just need to create the content
  • Designed to be easily updated and modified based upon the results of the incorporated analytics
  • Encourage visitors to take action ‘call, download, click, callback, sign up’


Additional background information on Websites and GetSites

Many years ago businesses used to think that once they had created a website that was it, tick lets get on with some other marketing stuff. Equally many companies think that there website evolves around their home page with only limited consideration as to the purpose of the website. Times have changed and now it is essential to have your website built in a way that you as the client can make changes to the site based on the ways that your customers are using the site.

What is a Getsite? It’s a internet Marketing Website that automatically promotes your products and services to your ideal customers all over the internet and turns them into leads and even sales. Our optimised WordPress platform provides a highly efficient approach to easily creating optimised content both structurally and creatively. We have enhanced a wide range of features over many years allowing us to more easily create additional functionality from data capture forms to event calendars. Within the portfolio you can see examples of some of our sites.

The initial build of the website is just the start. If as a business you have an existing website we will use the data from its usage to help in the development of an improved site. Once we have built a site we will conduct continuous and frequent measurements to identify what is working and what needs improving within the site. The circular process of measure, review, change is a key driver in improving the performance of the site. From changing the wording on buttons to swapping images subtle changes can effect major changes. We have a unique capability of split testing to allow rigid marketing metrics to be applied.

Our Getsites are developed to allow simple integration with Mail Chimp (e mail delivery) , Survey Monkey (online surveys) , Google Ad Words, Facebook etc . By developing a platform that easily integrates with other marketing mechanisms allows us to more easily measure the sites performance.

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