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Grow Your Business Through Effective 6L Strategic Marketing™

Before you waste time or money on marketing or promotional activities,you need a robust marketing strategy in place to ensure you perform these activities effectively.

6L Strategic Marketing from Blue Dolphin Business Development Ltd Marketing and Sales Strategy

We have developed our 6L Strategic Marketing™ over the last 18 years of helping businesses gain and retain profitable customers.

Warning completing a 6L Strategic Marketing™ process will

  • Give you an increased understanding of your customers
  • Help you identify which target prospects to target
  • Establish which of your products or services have the ability to generate you sustainable profit
  • Give you detailed knowledge of your competitors capabilities
  • Challenge your assumptions about the business
  • Help you identify which marketing  will give a return on investment

Strategic marketing covers 4 key areas starting with situational analysis “where are you now”. So this can be a very challenging question especially for older more established businesses. In these situations with history, heritage, baggage and people in place evaluating where you are now can be a complex process. Once this is completed the next stage is to establish “where you want to be”? Again depending on the people involved this can be a difficult and challenging task. We have worked in businesses where among the Directors growth aspirations have ranged from 5% to 50%. Now achieving a consensus in these situations requires insight in order to make realistic predictions. The third stage is to establish what marketing and sales activities need to be completed in order to achieve the goals. Developing a Marketing and Sales Action plan with key activities and time lines provides a key route map. We are passionate about measurable marketing and this is critical if you are looking to be able to quantify marketing effectiveness.

If you would like to know more about 6L Strategic marketing then contact one of our marketing advisors alternatively look at some of the strategic marketing projects we have completed

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