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Blue Dolphin Business Development Ltd
Registered Office
Fraser Ross House, 24 Broad Street, Stamford, PE9 1PJ
Company Number 6123312
Vat Number 900 988 119

Phone: 01733 361729


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The way to achieve more effective marketing includes having the correct systems and processes in place.

Implementing marketing systems and processes that will help increase sales

Knowledge is power and marketing systems and processes can help provide the data and information to improve your knowledge.

Are your existing marketing systems fit for purpose

  • Are all your customers categorised and how do you make sure that they are communicated with in the appropriate timescale
  • Do you have a system in place to monitor all the interactions you have with a prospect (or like many of the companies we see they have multiple spreadsheets and bits of paper)
  • When you send an email do you know who opens, if they click through and importantly whether they would benefit from a call
  • When was the last time you checked out how well your website was performing and what changes / amendments were required to improve conversion

Practical Help To Improve and Integrate Marketing & Sales

The marketing / sales process is only as good as the weakest part of the process

  • Whats the point in getting a list of prospects if you dont follow up any sales activities
  • How do you progress an enquiry that comes into the website
  • The prospect who rang in and made a general enquiry, how do we make sure their details are captured and they are followed up correctly
  • When attending a trade show how can we make sure that all of the promotional elements required to make the show a success are in place
  • How do we ensure that everyone who deals with customers is “on message” and that we avoid the “multiple variations” of sales presentations

If you would like to find out more about how we help companies improve (or implement) marketing and sales processes please complete the form below

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