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Blue Dolphin Business Development Ltd
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Fraser Ross House, 24 Broad Street, Stamford, PE9 1PJ
Company Number 6123312
Vat Number 900 988 119

Phone: 01733 361729


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Directors / Senior Managers Involved
Minutes Of Planning
Distinct Marketing & Sales Plans

Steel Fabrication Sector Becoming More Competitive

Manufacturing client who specialised in the manufacture of 3 types of high quality steel and stainless steel products, found that their traditional market sectors had become significantly more competitive.

What No Plan!

The company had never previously had a sales and marketing plan (in fact they didnt have a plan of any sorts) . Working with the board of directors and management team we identified the product area that needed to be treated as a priority and over a period of 10 weeks developed a sales and marketing action plan for the selected sector.

Competitor Analysis & Customer Surveys

As part of the planning process we conducted detailed competitor analysis to identify how well the competition were actually performing within the sector and what approaches they were adopting that had allowed them to capture market share. We also conducted a customer survey / interview program to establish the views and perceptions of customers.

Work completed under a Non Disclosure Arrangement so unfortunately exact details cannot be showcased

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