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Proper marketing planning prevents poor business performance

A marketing action plan is dynamic and when prepared well will provide you with a structure that includes key tasks and dates with resource allocations demonstrating commitment to action not just to planning.

There are 4 key steps in the logic of preparing a marketing action plan:

Step 1: Establish where are we now?
Step 2: Identify the strategic options available and decide which way to go
Step 3: Consider the financial implications, human resource needs and operational issues
Step 4: Consolidate all the earlier steps by setting out a timetable, budgets and role allocation

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Elements that will be covered within the marketing action plan include

• Analysis of existing customers
• Analysis of your existing product base
• Evaluating organisational strengths and weaknesses
• Identifying if you are capable of making the required changes
• Looking at options i.e.
• Staying pretty much the same
• Supplying new products to existing customers
• Supplying existing products to new customers
• Diversifying by offering new products to new customers
The above provides an overview in the development of a marketing action plan.

If your company

• Has lost its business direction
• Is struggling to find new customers
• Finds it difficult to up sell and cross sell
• Is looking at diversification as a route forward

Call 01733 361729 where we will be happy to discuss how a marketing action plan could help you grow your business or click here for more information. Andrew Goode has many years of experience in creating marketing action plans click here

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