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Writing For The Web Extra Content

Writing for the Web – CIM event notes

Following the recent CIM ‘Writing for the Web’ event please find the additional content. Within the video the following writing for the web points are considered. These notes and video should be used in conjunction with the core course notes.

Writing for the web – observations from the writing section

1. What are the objectives of your writing – ultimately what conversion are you looking for

  • Clicks
  • Calls
  • Information request
  • Linkage
  • Authority
  • etc
Writing For The Web

2. What’s the value of the information / content you are creating to the reader

  • Information
  • Hints
  • Guidance
  • Checklists

Is it strengthening your relationship and building authority

3. B2B as per B2C the power of emotion

  • What is the pain that it trying to be resolved
  • What is the pleasure looking to be achieved

4. Segmentation and the ability to be able to develop clear messages for each segment
5. What stage is your customer in their buying process

  • With correct information can you help them in their customer journey
  • Within the copy you can’t just say buy my stuff – but are there times when you can
  • This page is for you if…

6. Great unique on topic content is really important and there’s never been a better time for it

  • Both to help in the sales process
  • To create authority on the web

7. Formatting sometimes to get noticed you will upset the style police –  text in red box
8. How do you write – first person / third person – Don’t ‘we’ on your customer
9. Thank you pages

  • If somebody has signed up / registered is this a great opportunity for you to be different
  • Similar opportunity for personalisation as per error messages

10. Make your content memorable
11.Writing for the web is different to print – you can make the page do stuff

  • Are you maximising the way you create the page to convey your message
    • Charts
    • Diagrams
    • Links
    • Video
    • Imagery – zoom

12. Getting into the persona of your customer

  • Scan reader / First time reader / Complete reader

13. Approaches to create great copy for the web
14. Tracking – at what point of your copy do you lose your reader – analytics
15. Are you clear about what your offer is and what you want your customer to do

Writing For The Web

For more information on writing for the web or internet marketing click here Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or email or for more information on marketing techniques and approaches click here

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