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Why Do People Buy

“Why should I buy from you?” “Why should I buy from your company?”

The above is a great sales and marketing question.

In this article we consider some of the key drivers that make purchasers choose.

The list provided isn’t definitive but is aimed at challenging you to find out why I should buy from you.

Why Do People Buy From Your Company

Why do people buy from you?

  • They are desperate – they need a left handed widget urgently and you are the only people globally who have them in stock
  • You have been supplying them for years and years and they Trust you
  • You don’t just supply them with a product or service when you interact with them you genuinely add value to them
  • With a brand like yours you would be stupid not to buy from you. Remember the adage “Nobody got sacked for buying an IBM”
  • Your product or service isn’t the best but you are a pleasure to deal with and customers love buying from you
  • We will positively guarantee to always be the lowest cost provider
  • Our advertising and promotion is outstanding whereas our product / service is rubbish but customers will always be misguided (wont they)

If you aren’t sure why customers buy from you a really useful approach is to ask them!

Why Is It Important To Know Why People Buy

Typically people are purchasing to solve a problem (pain) or create a positive emotion. Understanding what types of pains your customers are suffering from will help you develop your product / service propositions and ensure that you develop the correct range of products.

In our experience having a detailed knowledge on the type of people who purchase from you and understanding their reasons for purchasing, can have a significant impact of the sales and profitability of a business.

Why Do People Buy From Your Company

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