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Why Cambridgeshire Marketing Activities

Why Cambridgeshire Marketing Activities Dont Work For Companies And How To Overcome

4 key reasons why Cambridgeshire marketing activities don’t work

  • The nonsense of not concentrating on selling more to existing customer’s
  • The energy sapping and inefficient activity of going for new customers
  • How new products or services get developed without knowing if there is a customer need
  • Why sometimes the best thing to do is something completely different

How you can significantly improve your marketing activities

Cambridgeshire Marketing

Cambridgeshire marketing activities can be improved by

  1. Clearly segmenting their existing customer list
    • Which existing customers would you benefit from sacking (that’s right, are there customers that would actually be beneficial for you to lose or give to your competitors)
    • Which type of customers are the most profitable – not all customers are equal, are there certain customers where you should be providing a higher level of service
    • etc
  2. Targeting and profiling which new customers they want to gain
    • If you know the reasons why existing people use you it makes it easier to work out who to target
    • How to target them
    • When to market to them
    • etc
  3. Identifying from existing customers what additional products or services they have a need to purchase
    • Especially if they tell you about shortfalls in current supply
    • Pains that they have that aren’t being met
    • The value that they would be prepared to pay if such a product or service was available
    • etc
  4. Knowing how well their existing products or services matched the needs of their existing market
    • Sometimes the product you were making just isn’t relevant any more Analogue Televisions, Slide Rules etc
    • What if you come across a unique product that is suitable for a completely different set of customers
    • etc

You will see there are lots of etc’s above. The issue of marketing is a subject way bigger than can be covered in a 5 minute video.

Cambridgeshire Marketing

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