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Wholesale LED Lights

Wholesale LED Lights The Future Of Lighting

Wholesale Led Lights Why Buy Them

Huge savings on your lighting bills
Electricity costs are on the increase. LED lighting uses upto 90% less electricity than a standard halogen bulb, this can result in huge savings on your electricity bills.
Much longer bulb life
LED light bulbs have a much longer life span compared to standard halogen bulbs. In fact LED bulbs last up to 50000 hours –  That equates to 17 years if your lights are on 8 hrs a day, 7 days a week that’s huge ! When you install new LED lights you may never have to replace the bulbs again.
Wholesale LED Lights
Eco Friendly light bulbs – More easily Re-cycled
Wholesale LED lights are extremely energy efficient and, unlike some CFL and halogen bulbs, contain no harmful substances like Mercury. This means they are far safer to use around the home and can be recycled without damaging the environment.
Energy Efficient lighting – *0 % of electric into light
Wholesale LED lights operate at around 80% efficiency, compared to an incandescent bulb that is only 20% efficient. This means that an LED bulb converts 80% of its electricity into light energy. These huge power savings lead to massive reductions in your electricity bills
Low temperature operation – much lower than halogen
LED lights work at a much lower temperature than halogen bulbs. In fact they give off virtually no heat at all which makes them highly energy efficient and far safer to install, with a much-reduced risk of fire.

Wholesale Led Lights Choose Wisely

  •  A Quality 5ft T8 LED tube light replaces a standard florescent tube and should deliver more lumens per watt, have less heat radiation, contain no mercury and be flicker free in operation
  • Typically a quality 5ft LED tube will consumeg only 27w it produces a saving of up to 58% in energy costs compared to fluorescents.
  • Standard florescent bulbs have a life time of about 2 years. Quality manufactured LED tubes last (based on an 8 hour per day usage) an average 17 years so not only will you save on energy bills but also on maintenance and disposal costs.
  • LED lights produce very little heat and therefore in summer months the costs to run office air conditioning will also reduce. This is based on the assumption the weather will improve and we will get sunshine over the summer
  • Quality 5ft LED tubes incorporate 384 high output LED’s producing a daylight white light that is ideal for office environments as it makes illuminated objects appear crisper.
  • Performance LED Lights should incorporate the latest LED chip, Heatsink, Lens and driver technology.

Making the change from fluorescent to LED

  • LED Tubes are designed to replace conventional T8 Fluorescent tubes and can be replaced directly into any fluorescent fitting.
  • Simply install the LED tube light and then swap the starter over with the included LED starter to complete the circuit. Note some suppliers may not include the starter
  • Avoid LED tube lights that are designed to have the starter removed completely as these stay live on one side which can be dangerous and do not pass CE regulations.
  • Choose LED  tube lightswhere the manufacturer is prepared to offer a significant  5 year warranty!
  • Bulb Options You Can Choose From: Cool White, Warm White, Ultra Thin – these options can be tailored for the environment into which they need to be fitted
    • These provide a great source of general illumination, suitable for use in offices, factories, supermarkets, buses, trains, task lighting, store displays, warehouse illumination and under cabinets.
  • Beware: Many LED lights simply do not deliver the performance promised in the advertising.
    • Claims are made that they will last 50,000 hours, but they die after less than 10,000 hours.
    • Super bright’ is a common claim but they are dim compared to the halogens they replace.

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