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Welfare Vans Practical Considerations

Welfare Vans Creating Happier Workers

When you are working away on site in the cold, dark and rain its very easy to become disheartened, weary and find the quality of your work deteriorating.

Welfare vans are a perfect example of a unit that helps improve the existence of an on site worker.

Offering them

  • a warm (centrally heated) ,
  • dry (specific drying area) ,
  • comfortable environment (toilet and washing facilities )
  • and importantly an area where they can make a brew. prepare some food and then eat it sitting down.
Welfare Vans

Welfare Vans Typical Features

These vans offer a perfect solution in providing mobile welfare facilities offering a truly mobile solution to site welfare making them ideal for hard to reach locations or short term projects where a fixed / static welfare unit would not be viable to locate. Typically these vans will be able to provide full canteen facilities (including microwave oven), hot water on tap with full size sink, toilet and drying room.
  • Designed and manufactured to seat and transport from 6 to 12 people
  • The majority of vans will feature ABS as standard making them safer to drive
  • Some vans feature anti hi-jack locking systems making them harder to steal which can be particularly important if they are being used on remote sites overnight
  • From a safety perspective some welfare units will feature an emergency escape hatch which aids escape should there be a fire in the vehicle
  • To powering a modern workforce most welfare units are fitted with  a minimum of twin power outlet points making them ideal for powering laptops or charging mobile phones while in situ
  • Wash and toilet facilities. Most welfare unitss will have a unisex toilet cubicle which will include an electric flush cassette toilet. To facilitate good hygiene they will also feature hot and cold hand wash facilities
  • The ability to prepare hot food is important when you are out on site most welfare vans have an  electric cooking unit inc. microwave and electric hot water facility for drinks
  • The ability to get warm if you have been on site for a number of hours in the winter is important (especially if high levels of concentration are required. Many welfare vehicles feature independent central heating
  • The interior well lit area provided by many welfare units makes them ideal for on site meetings where drawings need to be laid out flat and a quieter environment is needed
  • Welfare units provide a safe haven and there very nature of them being on a site makes them ideal for first aid. Most welfare vans will include
    • Eye wash stations in toilet cubicle areas
    • First aid kit
    • Fire extinguisher

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