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In this article we will look at measuring search behavior and start with “Keywords” these fall into four categories

  • High frequency but low intent – i.e. popular but vague keywords – metric = click with calculated metrics being Click Through Rate
  • Low frequency but high intent – i.e. rare but specific keywords – metric = conversions with calculated metrics being Conversion Rate
  • Long tail – i.e. specific terms of three to four words (possibly more) – metric = No clicks with calculated metrics being Consumption Rate
  • Unicorns – i.e. queries that happen once in a given time-frame – metric = Position with calculated metrics being Negative Click Through Rate


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High Frequency Low Intent Keywords

These are typically at the top of the funnel in search behaviour. User intent isnt specific they are looking for information, ideas, knowledge, type selection, familiarity, definitions, topic reviews etc . Example queries could be Scooters, Universities, Android Phones, Vietnam, DVD’s, Politics etc

Low Frequency High Intent Keywords

With these there is no ambiguity in the searchers intent. The user is looking to to

  • Take a specific action
  • View a specific thing
  • Learn a specific thing
  • Often looking for list based content that provides answers to a specific question

Below are listed some example queries

  • Vietnamese food near me
  • Pictures of Schnauzers playing
  • Who did Freddie Mercury Sing Opera with
  • Stream Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy
  • Download and Install Chrome
  • What does Click Though Rate mean

Measuring Search Behaviour

Click Through Rate (CTR) is a great way to measure the overall success of your on-site search. CTR in on-site search measures clicks from Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Sometimes you might see a CTR on a keyword greater than 100%, if so this means that the user has opened up links in new tabs.

Conversion Rate versus Consumption Rate

Conversions: a quantifiable action is taken / made, examples of conversions include purchases, sign-ups, downloads etc (note always a binary action). Consumptions: a qualitative measurement of content. It’s a spectrum that measures how much of the content has been consumed

When SERPS Fail

It is to be anticipated that searches will fail and your site visitors will look for strange things so you need to help them out. Giving users a way to refine , tips to search again, a place for feedback will improve the search experience. Users without assistance re-searched 33% whereas those with assistance researched 59%.

For example: Your Search for “Marketing Silver Bullet” did not match any products or services. Try something like using more general terms or check your spelling. Additionally add a search feedback area; Did you find what you were looking for Yes / No . If know contact our information team – failure means you can ask for more information.

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Website SERPS – What makes a good test – Watch These Metrics

  • CTR – Does the experimental group have a higher CTR – which could imply increased value
  • Conversion rate – are there more purchases or other conversion events
  • Accessed content – Does more content get viewed after a search is performed
  • Refinements – Do people perform less searches after an initial search
  • Mobile – Is there a significant difference in these metrics from mobile devices

Search – Make A Plan

Make a “search” change every month, measure it and repeat this should follow the following

  • Basic
    • Change the snippet
    • Change the SERP design
    • Add contextual information
    • Measure, Measure and Measure – Don’t forget, mobile is unique
  • Mid
    • Measure the time from query to conversion
    • Create conversion events for content
    • Test UI Changes in SERP (pictures, schemes, fonts, colours)
  • Advanced
    • Create search oriented microdata into content
    • Use personalisation and other data to bias results
    • Integrate search data in CMS
  • Some tools that may be suitable for onsite search
    • Swiftype –
    • Apache Solr –
    • Amazon Cloudsearch  –
    • Coveo –
    • Searchblox software –
    • Lucidworks –

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