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Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper Benefits and Disadvantages

Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper technology has improved significantly over the years.

Modern units are suitable for collecting paper, grass , leaves, twigs, dust and general debris.

Not all walk behind vacuum sweeper units are equal and in selecting a unit it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of various models.

Additionally the introduction of electric (offering a clean and quiet operation) has complicated selection

Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper

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Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper Key Features

  • A front side brush is a crucial component that should come as standard. These brushes allow you to run parallel with a wall or kerb and ensure that all the debris within the edge is pushed out and into the path of the vacuum. Without this there is the chance that you wont sweep right up to the edge, which means that any debris in this position could soon find its way into the floor.
  • It is important that the side brush can be switched off or disabled as this serves no purpose when you are not near to an edge
  • The ability to fit an additional hose (sometimes referred to as a “Wander Hose” ) can be incredibly useful. Whilst it may not be used all the while when you have occasion to clean those difficult to reach areas, the wander hose allows easy access
  • A good quality well designed Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper will be suitable use on a variety of surfaces including
    • Tarmac – i.e. road / pathways
    • Concrete “unfinished” such as in agricultural buildings
    • Concrete – painted or sealed as in industrial or storage areas
    • Grass – yes some Walk Vacuum Sweeper technology allows you to vacuum the grass

Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper More Information

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