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Does VUCA Impact on Marketing

I recently attended an event where there was a very good speaker talking about people development within an organisation.

The model presented which is apparently quite common within HR circles was VUCA.

I thought the model had some interesting relationships when applied to a sales and marketing environment.

Does VUCA Impact on Marketing

So what is a VUCA society

With VUCA the context in relation to “people” was that we now live in a VUCA society

  • V = Volatile
  • U = Uncertain
  • C = Chaotic
  • A = Ambiguous

Therefore from a people development perspective the logic was that if the outside world is suffering from VUCA, perhaps the “organisational world” could actually provide the safe, certain, structured and clear environment which would therefore allow people to develop to their maximum potential

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VUCA and its Impact on Sales and Marketing

So how does VUCA impact on sales and marketing. Lets consider each of the elements
Volatile: From currency through to political we are all now operating in a very volatile environment. If you are important goods or materials then potentially costs have rocketed. If you are exporting which of the territories cheap propecia online provide a stable environment
Uncertain: There are now so many promotional tools and techniques available it is difficult / impossible to identify which will yield the greatest Return on Investment. Yet in these uncertain times many companies are still not measuring the performance and impact of their sales and marketing activities
Chaotic: Whether its within the SME business or to the customers they are supplying (B2B or B2C ) I dont think times have ever been more chaotic. With most businesses facing the battle of to much to do, to few staff to cover all the bases and just not enough time. With all this chaos how come businesses still dont see the need or have time to put marketing systems and processes in place to remove (some of) the chaos
Ambiguous: One of the biggest challenges when businesses try and communicate a single message to a wide variety of customer groups. Messages will be seen as ambiguous unless they are targeted at the specific customer type.
So perhaps VUCA has relevance for Marketing as well as HR

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