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Video Marketing – 5 Top Tips For Success

Marketing is very subjective and there are numerous ways to approach it. We firmly believe that within marketing understanding the end destination and objectives is the key element.

With the improvements in broadband, the ease of distribution and the millennial generation video has become an increasingly popular, but video can be a very ineffective marketing tool .

In this article we will look at 5 tips to help you be more successful in video marketing.

5 Top Tips For Success In Video Marketing

Video Marketing Tip #1 – Start with the end in mind

Ask your self why do you want a video?

What will the video contain

  • Duration
  • Construction
  • Journey
  • The classic “who, what, where, when, why and how”

So to achieve this you firstly need to develop a very tight brief

Video Marketing Tip #2 – Adapt to your audience

Lets consider two distinct audiences “Youths” versus “Mum’s with Babies

Both buy Soft drinks, shoes and clothes – but the group personas are very different. Therefore customer insights should drive the very specific content, with a campaign to suit the very specific market.

What we are looking to achieve is “That video doesn’t resonate with me  is fine – you are not the audience”

Video Marketing Tip #3 – Define Success Measures

What are the results / outcomes that we are looking to achieve from the video

  • Viewer attention
  • Viewer retention
  • Viewer count
  • We are looking to identify business impacts

Video Marketing Tip #4 – Forward plan distribution

  • How are you going to get eyeballs on your video
  • If it doesn’t get seen how will it work (perform)
  • Video for Twitter and Linked In should be different to Video for Facebook
  • Budget 7: 1 for Video against advertising i.e. £1000 advert equates to £7,000 video spend

Thought – when was the last time you read 30 seconds of a PDF and were moved to tears – there are great examples of 30 second videos that have impact

Video Marketing Tip #5 – Viewer experience

  • 25 years ago we had Television as the media to watch moving images and audio
  • Now you can watch video anywhere, at any time
  • Many watch video without sound i.e. mobile on Facebook (so having written text on screen is critical )
  • Overall
    • B2C consumers watch majority of video on mobile
    • B2B purchasers on desktop but with no speakers
      • The device ,  screen size, connection quality, ,sound quality, digital context (can easily take the viewer elsewhere)

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