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Use EGO To Help Generate Sales

At a recent event Shaz Nawaz of AA Accountants presented a 3 letter approach that you could use as part of the sales development process .
Its a really simple approach that I thought would be worth sharing and is based on the word EGO

Use EGO To Help Generate Sales

E = Evidence

  • What proof beyond reasonable doubt do we have that the product or service we want to provide is the most suitable for the customer
    • What evidence do we have to substantiate this
      • How can we give certainty to the customer that they are making the right choice

G = Guarantee

  • Premier Inn the well known budget hotel have dramatically increased their market share from 3% to !2% much of which has been attributed to their money back guarantee if you don’t get a great nights sleep
    • What could you guarantee
      • 100% money back if you are not happy with the service
      • If work not up to your standard then pay what you think is appropriate

O = Options

  • Don’t just have a single product or service have it available in a variety of options
    • Option 1 – Budget price with minimum features
    • Option 2 – Mid priced with added value
    • Option 3 – A premium priced option with all the whistles and bells (Note many may aspire to this but few will possibley choose but by having it people will choose option 2 over Option 1

Use EGO To Help Generate Sales

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