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Use EGO To Help Generate Sales

Use EGO To Help Generate Sales

At a recent event Shaz Nawaz of AA Accountants presented a 3 letter approach that you could use as part of the sales development process .
Its a really simple approach that I thought would be worth sharing and is based on the word EGO. So lets see how to Use EGO To Help Generate Sales.

Use EGO To Help Generate Sales

E = Evidence

  • What proof beyond reasonable doubt do we have that the product or service we want to provide is the most suitable for the customer
    • What evidence do we have to substantiate this
      • How can we give certainty to the customer that they are making the right choice

G = Guarantee

  • Premier Inn the well known budget hotel have dramatically increased their market share from 3% to !2% much of which has been attributed to their money back guarantee if you don’t get a great nights sleep
    • What could you guarantee
      • 100% money back if you are not happy with the service
      • If work not up to your standard then pay what you think is appropriate

O = Options

  • Don’t just have a single product or service have it available in a variety of options
    • Option 1 – Budget price with minimum features
    • Option 2 – Mid priced with added value
    • Option 3 – A premium priced option with all the whistles and bells (Note many may aspire to this but few will possibley choose but by having it people will choose option 2 over Option 1

Use EGO To Help Generate Sales

There are multiple techniques and approaches, tools and tips that can be applied and used within your business. For me simply finding and dedicating the time and energy to “thinking” about your business. Importantly you then need to take time to implement the strategic thoughts. If you find a tool or series of tools that help you in your business development activities, then go use them.

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