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Upselling Techniques – Great Examples

Upselling Techniques In Action

Upselling Techniques Recently Experienced

Upselling techniques were demonstrated brilliantly at a recent racing experience I attended. The upselling techniques were utilised in every stage of the sales process wherever there was a physical interaction or communication opportunity. I was given the gift of driving an Aston Martin DB7 and Ferrari 360.

Upon booking the date and circuit on the telephone I was asked by a very knowledgeable telephone advisor would I like to book an additional drive for the day, and would anybody else be driving for the day.

Upselling Techniques

Upselling for all

On arrival at the circuit the upselling started at the security gate where the track security on giving directions presented a circuit map which on the back of it had a range of offers aimed at both the driver and the spectator.

For the spectator there were opportunities for high speed passenger laps (in either a funky Fiat 500 Abarth, or a totally scary V8 Touring car. For the driver additional non track activities were available

  • Driving a car on a skid pan (this wasn’t well used on the day as the heavy rain meant that the track was a high speed skid pan
  • Rally where you could drive high speed on a gravel and dirt rack
  • 4 x 4 where you could take an off road vehicle over a range of perilous mounds, bumps, lumps and water hazards

Further upselling techniques were employed once you had completed your driving experience.

  • Within all cars were fitted track and interior cameras so the whole experience could be captured on glorious dvd (if you wanted to pay the extra) .
  • Photographers were strategically placed at key parts of the circuit to ensure that every driver was captured as they lived out their boy hood dreams (Note of the 40 people who were taking part in our session there were 39 men!!)

Upselling Techniques

Overall a fantastic product where even the most sceptical was likely to make additional spend (even if it was only at the burger van for a tea and bacon sandwich whilst your car was prepared). For more information on upselling techniques and other sales techniques click here . If you would like to discuss upselling techniques with an experienced marketing professional click here

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