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Trading In A Highly Competitive Market

The brewing industry has seen major changes in recent years. The recent merger between two of the biggest brewers ultimately means that they will supply 1:3 pints. The classic case of the global giants stalking the world.

These global giants are just one factor that impacts on those who have been established for hundreds of years manufacturing ales.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are micro breweries who seem to form an a daily basis.
So for brewery companies who sit between the giants and the micro whats the secret for success when trading in a highly competitive market.

Trading In A Highly Competitive Market

Agility and attention to detail

  • Ensure clarity of purpose (of objectives)

    • Categorically must first and foremost make great drinks that are loved by customers
    • Need to create great new products (you cant just survive on the old products) need to be innovative and work on new products that will provide 25% plus of your revenue each year
  • Get back to basics

    • Using quality ingredients and processes is a must (is your plant and equipment up to the job )
    • Are you using sustainable locally sourced products and services (where possible)
    • Focus on the processes – make sure you have the very best equipment
  • Plan backwards

    • Many take last years figures and add a bit for future growth
    • Need to envisage the future “where do we want to be” and work out if that looks right
  • Practice winning and continue to learn

    • Firstly you need to get the product in the customers hand
    • With staff
      • don’t work on catching people out and reprimanding them
      • work on catching people doing it right and rewarding them
      • celebrate success

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Little Things Matter

  • Improve 100 things by 1% i.e. marginal gains and see a big difference
  • What can you do that’s different but related that will help you to “build the story”
  • For example if you had a pub in the countryside could you hire wellies so visitors could explore the surroundings if they were incorrectly equipped


  • its no longer the case of the leader being at the front charging ahead on their white horse
  • Good companies are abundant with talent and the leader should be the conductor of this talent

Share your developments

  • Can you store / manufacture / distribute etc your product differently
  • If you come up with some great ideas could these technologies / advancements be utilised by your “special customers” . Thus further strengthening your relationship and helping you be seen as more than just a product provider
  • Can you engage with suppliers, customers and staff to be actively involved in initiatives that will benefit all i.e. Tree planting or beach cleaning

Build A Strong Core

Commitment + Ownership + Responsibility = Excellence

Control The Brain

In simple terms the brain has three parts

  • The front part for thinking
  • The middle part for routine activities
  • The back part which controls our emotions. This part is known is some circles as the “chimp” and it is important that as individuals you get to know the chimp. In most cases its best to keep the chimp asleep (for example its the chimp that causes road rage ) . The performance of top sports people is improved by having them work with sports psychologists. What can you do with your people to control their chimps and improve human performance

Manage Change

There are three key elements to committing to change

  • Commit to being better
  • Feel The pain
  • Be minded to change

Trading In A Highly Competitive Market

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