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Tractor Mounted Log Splitters For Sale

These Tractor Mounted Log Splitters For Sale machines are great for use in confined spaces and provide great heavy duty log splitting capabilities.

They can be either floor mounted or with their swing log tables provide the perfect above ground height for splitting of smaller logs.

Many tractor log splitters for sale are of a heavy duty build quality which means they are easy use to give years and if you choose wisely and maintain correctly will be effective and offer efficient service.

Tractor Mounted Log Splitters For Sale

Tractor Mounted Log Splitters For Sale Typical Features

  • Units are available in a variety of splitting forces from 12, through to 22 tons. Typically the larger the force the larger the unit
  • Splitting length is another  variable, typically lengths range from 1.0 metre but 1.5 metre may be possible on larger tractor mounted units
  • If your tractor is old  or has a low oil flow / pressure system then connecting to your tractor hydraulic is not recommended if you are looking for reliable and fast operation
  • Make sure that the splitter has a robust “spine” frame to ensure the unit doesn’t twist and wear over time
  • The unit should have simple splitting controls with return of splitting piston being automatic
  • Operator setting of return heigh and splitting length for maximum speed of cycle time
  • From a health and safety perspective the splitter should comply with the latest CE safety requirements. Ideally where two hands are required to control the operating system will ensure hands are away from areas of danger. On better units all hydraulic pipes are sleeved with anti burst protection in the event of catastrophic pipe rupture. All units should feature a simple to use log restraint to help hold log in place whilst splitting again keeping hands away from areas of danger.

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