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Tips For Gaining More Sales

Looking To Grow Your Business

If you are looking to grow your business then this can often involve generating more sales. In this article we look at Tips For Gaining More Sales. Hopefully some of the tips will be suitable for your business whether its how to get past the gatekeeper of a new prospect, through to techniques on how to close a sale.

Tips For Gaining More Sales

Tips For Gaining More Sales

How do you get past the gate keeper

  • Two really simple tips
    • Call at 8.30am in the morning before the main receptionist arrives
    • Call after 5.30pm – anybody in the office may be a “senior” person at this time and less likely to act as a gatekeeper barrier

Its about demonstrating fit

  • What we are selling fits what you need
  • Its about providing decision making support – what / where / who / when / why

Improve How Sales and Marketing to work together

  • 87% of sales and marketing professionals refer to one another negatively
  • If you are looking to buy a product or service whats the first thing you do ? The answer is probably “Google” . The challenge is that in many cases customers are over 70% of the way through the selection research process once they have been online
  • This potentially means that if your marketing isn’t creating the right awareness then your chance of getting a sale is significantly reduced
  • It is therefore important to follow AIDA (Awareness , Interest, Desire, Action) in order to have the chance of getting found, being considered and making the sale

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Features, Benefits and Value

Below are listed some real life examples of features and benefits as expressed by a group of SME’s



We do all the analysisWhich gives you a better understanding
We evaluate all your informationWhich allows us to identify and make you savings
We do it all in houseWhich saves you time
We provide hot snacks for those important business lunchesMaximum flavour
We use local suppliersEthical
Every unit is bespokeYou know its designed for you
We improve your IT securityPeace of mind
We only offer a service if we are confident its going to be successful100% confidence it will work
We will tell you exactly what savings we will makeKnow quantifiably your savings

Emotions Are Linked To Sales

Emotional intelligence plays an important part in the decision making process and ultimately sales. Therefore understanding and influencing the emotion that the customer is going through should be considered beneficial.
Therefore a range of techniques can help

  • Video testimonials – whereby a 3rd party endorses in their own words the benefits that you provided
  • Web based reviews – in a world of web search, web reviews can play an important part in the search and selection process

Overcoming Objections

The following are a list of typical objections for not buying

  • Cant meet our time frame
  • Wrong location (want someone local / want someone out of area)
  • Already got it
  • Have just changed
  • Haven’t got money
  • No time
  • Not right for me
  • I don’t realise that I need it
  • Wont make a pre-order commitment
  • Inertia
  • Apathy

The ABC of sales

Whilst an Americanism ABC can be equated to “Always Be Closing”. Whilst in the UK we are probably better served by changing it to ” Always Be moving to the customer to the next stage of the sales process”

Parameters customers use in buying process

  • Confidence – Do I TRUST this product / person / service / company. Have I seen proof that supports my decision
  • Expertise – Is this product different. What is it that this product / service does that nobody else is doing . Importantly – how is this evidenced

Tips for gaining more sales

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