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Thin Double Glazed Units – Technology For Heritage

Thin double glazed units provide the perfect solution for solving the glazing conundrum on heritage or historic properties that have previously suffered from the heat losses associated with older single glazing.

Being thin they match the visual aesthetics of the original glass but have significantly improved thermal characteristics. In this article we look at thin double units and the benefits they provide.

Thin Double Glazed Units – Technology For Heritage

Thin Double Glazed – Why Units Are Needed

As the pressures increase both financially and responsibly to become more and more energy efficient, so do the energy performance gaps between aged / historic properties and new builds. The improvements in technology mean that construction materials are continually being developed that improve the overall performance and energy rating of buildings. Unfortunately many of these new technologies just aren’t suitable for historical properties for a variety of reasons. This can leave older properties expensive to run and sometimes uncomfortable to live in as the drafts and cold penetrate.

Thin Glazed Units Designed for heritage

Thin double glazed units like those manufactured by The Original Glass Company have been designed specifically with historical and heritage properties in mind, and offer the following

  • improved heat retention therefore lowering energy consumption,
  • due to the excellent acoustic characteristics improved noise reduction noise
  • The very nature of the double glazed units means that an element of improved security is achieved
  • all while still retaining the original aesthetics of the building.

Ultra slim sight lines

The main structure of the unit is hidden by the original beading or putty used for installation providing Ultra slim sight lines. A wide variety of glass types are available in this format

  • Float,
  • Machine Drawn,
  • Cylinder
  • Hand Drawn

All allowing you to ensure the original period look of your property is preserved.
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