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The Power of Single Focus

The Power of Single Focus – or how doing one thing means you get more done

How can we get more done at work

We all want to get more done during the course of the day but what is the key issue that stops us achieving. I have been to a number of events recently where this has been a key focus.

In recent business trips to the US I have listened to Dr Lisa Lang talk about the ‘Theory of Constraints’ and more recently I sat in on a session called the ‘power of single focus’. Essentially what both approaches lead towards is as business leaders / business owners we try and take on too many projects and manage too many tasks simultaneously. This results in us constantly stopping and starting.

“Change your clients mindset or Change your clients”

In summary ‘Theory of Constraints’ and the ‘Power of Single focus’ suggest that if you focus on a single project and complete of much of it as you can before moving onto the next project you will achieve significantly more with the same level of resource.

The Power of Single Focus

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The Power of Single Focus
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