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The Importance Of Clarity In Strategy

Have you you got a Sales and Marketing strategy?

If yes, that’s great that already puts you ahead of many of your competitors. But does your strategy have the clarity that enables everyone within the company to know exactly where the company is heading and what it is looking to achieve? If you don’t have a strategy does your company feature some of the traits as shown below?

The difference between Clarity and Foggy

The Importance Of Clarity In Strategy

The following characteristics are exhibited. Which of these characteristics does your business exhibit



Clear communicationSpeculation
Engaged peopleDemotivated people

Five great clarity questions

  1. What are we trying to achieve
  2. What does success look like
  3. How will we measure success
  4. Why is this important to us
  5. What are the consequences (of failure)

Research has indicated that typically only 48% of managers and employees know a businesses most important goals.

The Importance Of Clarity In Strategy

Over the last 20 years we have helped many companies develop their Sales and marketing strategies. If you would like help in adding clarity to your Sales and Marketing strategy (or work with you in developing a strategy) please click here Andrew Goode 01733 361729. For more sales and marketing information click here

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