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The A to Z of Gaining More Sales

26 A To Z Tips To Gain More Sales!

  • A – Assume nothing. Ask the right questions to determine what exactly your prospect’s needs are and where they are in the buying process
  • B – Benefits are what a customer is typically purchasing. What pain is your product / service solving and why should they buy it from you!
  • C – Clarity . Confirm and clarify that you have understood your customers needs and confidently covered all objections
  • D – Don’t delay. Once you have seen a prospect get a proposal out as soon as possible and follow up the sales process. Every additional day you delay can reduce your chance of sales conversion
  • E – Effort, it typically takes 8 points of contact to make a sale. Just sending out a mailshot isn’t actually a sales process! Make sure that you allow for the sales effort that will be required
  • F – Focus on what makes you different / better
  • G – Go for it. Sales are tough sometimes you just have to make that phone call, try for that appointment or be brave. What’s the worse that can happen
  • H – Happy Happy Happy. If you enjoy what you do and have fun doing it you will possibly have more success. Note there are a number of sectors where this possibly isn’t the case in which case Empathy Empathy Empathy
  • I – Integrity in what you do and how you act is absolutely essential if you are to achieve long term sustainable sales
  • J – Join in. People buy from people (they know and like) in many cases. Therefore getting out there and joining networking groups, specialist groups , the golf club, on line forums and joining in is a crucial part of meeting people and developing relationships
  • K – Kill activities that are not adding value to the sales process. CRM systems should save you time and make sales more productive. Your website shouldn’t be a sales prevention tool. If it isn’t helping you in sales kill it and find something better.
  • L – Listening. You have two ears and one mouth and they should be used in that ratio. Listening is a key skill for every person in business not just salespeople
  • M – Marketing is a fundamental approach to help sales. Who are your target customers? Why should I buy a product / service from you? How do you compare to the competition? To achieve more sales make sure you have a robust marketing strategy
  • N – Notes. If you are having a meeting that involves anything complex make sure that you take notes. Direct onto the IPad, into your phone, using traditional pen and paper. If you are involved in discussions with a client record key actions.
  • O – Objection handling is a key skill to master. If you struggle with handling objections would a training course give you more confidence.
  • P – Pricing is a key sales issue. If your product / service is more expensive but better robust marketing knowledge will give you the power to overcome pricing objections. If your product / service is poor and more expensive then it is always going to be a difficult sales so more strategic marketing required
  • Q – Questions are a key element to identify a customers pain points. Ask open questions and then listen
  • R – Referrals will build your business, if you have delivered a great product / service don’t forget to ask for a referral. If you can get a video testimonial at the same time that will also be useful 
  • S – Segmentation. Not all customers are the same. being able to identify, group and then personalise the approach to suit the segment should lead to improved sales interaction
  • T – Training is critical. Sales and Marketing are both skills that come naturally to some but for others training will significantly enhance performance
  • U – Understanding your customers needs and values will help you offer an appropriate solution!
  • V – Vocals are very important, vary the pitch, the tone and the speed of content you deliver. 
  • W – Websites are a critical part of the sales process. In B2B the likelihood is that a prospect has already visited your website before they give a call (If you have a poor website they might not even contact you!!)
  • X – X factor, what makes your product and services special. Your strategic marketing activities should be able to identify what makes you different
  • Y – You Tube is a great resource for adding authority content. A high quality video that clearly explains your product or service may help shorten the sales process
  • Z – Zoom in on building the relationships with the prospects you believe are looking for a long term relationship

The A to Z of Gaining More Sales

Hopefully these 26 points have stimulated some thought about your sales and marketing. If you would like more information on improving your sales and marketing click here Andrew Goode on 01733 361729  or click here to a range of marketing and business development services

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