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Is there anybody out there searching the internet for my services

I.e. are there customers searching for what I’m promoting and if they are, will they visit my website?

Warning – Results can be frightening

PECT Peterborough Environment City Trust were looking to identify what environmental / green keyword searches were being used. We conducted some keyword research and the results were frightening.

Having conducted keyword research analysis with over 100 companies, there are some common characteristics that come out during the interactive process that we conduct with clients.

The 4 Golden Findability Rules

5 Search Considerations

  1. As you are looking at ‘actual’ keyword search numbers (quantitative information) it allows you to banish any previous gut feel assumptions that you may have had about the words you thought would be searched for
  2. In many cases the volumes of searches on exact match terms for specialised products can be incredibly low
  3. We have found that for some keywords the numbers and results  just don’t add up i.e. it would be very difficult to get a number one Google ranking  and any ranking activities just wouldn’t give a return on investment
  4. The process helps you identify lots and lots of options. The challenge is to work out which elements you are going to focus on and prioritise
  5. We are amazed and the number of companies that cant easily add or change content and elements of their site, websites have moved on and this doesn’t need to be the case

The keyword research process we adopt to help clients identify if there is anybody searching follows the 4 steps below

The ROI keyword identification process


The ROI keyword identification process

  • Firstly – working directly with the client we identify the highly relevant words
  • Secondly – we identify those words with good traffic. If only 10 people are searching for your keyword per day, that means if you are number 1 in Google you will only get about 4 visitors per day. That equates to about 1500 keyword visitors over the course of a year, if your online ratio of sales is 1000:1 that could mean there are only 1.5 sales available. This might make that keyword on its own nonviable
  • Thirdly – which are the words where there is low / lower competition. Using the example above if you were number 2 as opposed to number 1 you would probably only get 1 visitor a day. Therefore the importance of being number 1 is high and this is more easily achieved if there is lower competition.
  • Finally – we ensure that the ROI stacks up and that there is a potential profitable output achievable

The whole keyword research process helped banish assumptions and made me think differently about the wording for products and services
Kim Coley – PECT

The 4 Golden Findability Rules

If you would like more information on how keyword research could benefit you in your web development please click here Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or e mail If you would like more information on keyword research click here

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