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Tender Writing Services – Write Killer Proposals

Tender Writing Services – Write Killer Proposals

If you are running a social care business, do you need help writing a compelling winning tender?

In a highly competitive environment perhaps you’re not winning as many tender contracts as you would like. Whatever your tender writing support needs, there are many specialist companies or highly talented individuals who can help.

In this article we consider the issue and benefits of using full outsourced tender writing services, having training in tender writing and considering pre-sub-mission evaluation and feedback.

Tender Writing Services – Write Killer Proposals

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Tender Writing Services Options Available

Even after the significant cuts to the social care budgets and after numerous years of efforts to drive service users towards the use of personal budgets. Combined with a growing self-funder market, it remains that local authorities are still the dominant purchasers of social care provision within most regions. Therefore the ability to engage with the local authority’s often complex tender processes is usually the only way to achieve significant business growth in this market.

Take into account that contract opportunities may only come up every three to five years and it becomes critical to get it right if you are to thrive or survive. There are numerous so called experts in social care business development who will indicate they have extensive experience in tender writing services.

Many tender services providers will have written winning tenders for supported living, home care, learning disabilities, extra care, housing-related support, and many other niche areas of the sector.

When looking for a tender services expert look for a provider whose services are client-centred and tailored to your needs and who can work with you to achieve the outcomes you wish to achieve. It may be that you wish to do the tender writing yourself or prefer the tender writing services to be completed for you.
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