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Sweep Augers

Sweep Augers are designed for flat bottomed silos primarily in commercial grain, seed and farm where there is a requirement is for intensive use during the harvest season and then minimal usage during the rest of the year.

Sweep Augers are also be used in lighter industrial applications. They work once approximately ninety percent of the silo has been emptied by the gravity discharge. Sweep augers rotate through three hundred and sixty degrees around the base of the silo from the central motor unit, at this point reclaiming any remaining easy flowing material.

This removes the need for the unpleasant and often dangerous task of manually moving the remaining residual material from the silo.

Sweep Augers

Sweep Augers Encapsulation

Within sweep augers all moving parts other than the screw within the sweep augers are fully encased, which protects the auger from the weight of the materials within the silo when it is full. The auger is supported by the main drive unit mechanism which fixes to the outlet in the middle of the silo and the beam mechanism along the length to the drive wheel. For larger silos a series of beam support wedges are often used to support the auger.

Many augers incorporate fully enclosed, simple clutch mechanisms that control the torque to the drive wheel. This allows the drive wheel to rotate in a controlled manner, moving the material steadily reducing slippage and creating lower wear on the drive unit. This can help improve the working life of the machine and reduce maintenance requirements. The two most common silo sizes 36 feet and 48 feet and are adjustable to accommodate other silo sizes

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