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Sugar Beet Harvester Marketing Advantages

Specialist Sugar Beet Harvester equipment is essential to allow the reliable and effective removal of sugar beet.

Top quality sugar beet harvesting systems must provide high performing and reliable equipment.

Fundamentally you must be able to count on these products for their rugged dependability and efficient operation.

If your sugar beet harvester has these attributes then it could offer a genuine marketing advantage.

Sugar Beet Harvester Marketing Advantages

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What makes a great Sugar Beet Harvester

  • Simple and effective design providing exceptional visibility inside the machine, allowing the grab rolls, lifter wheels and beyond to be seen
  • Delivery of clean sugar beets is essential, therefore the storage and processing efficiency of the harvested sugar beet provides the focal point for all processors.
  • To achieve this a number of key features are required
    • An adjustable belted chain in the rear scrub of the harvester that can be adjusted to scrub the beets. For additional cleaning the scrub should flex to continually shed surplus mud. With sandy soils and in dry climates fewer wearable parts are preferable and  a rear wheel lifts the sugar beets
    • Easy access to working components is crucial so therefore protective covers should be easily removable and preferably held in place when opened by gas springs. Having easy access to your controls allows you to set the harvesting operations to the prevailing climatic and soil conditions
    • Grab rolls that can be easily adjusted to be more or less aggressive, depending on field conditions should be fitted to remove remaining residual dirt or debris from the sugar beet before they are elevated into the tank.
    • Operating within a dirty and abrasive environment a sugar beet harvester should not feature any complex valves or electronic controls (unless they can be suitably encapsulated and encased)
    • A large 4.5 ton capacity storage tank that can be controlled from within the tractor cab and then unload the contents in a controlled manner within approximately 30 seconds

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