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Sugar Beet Cleaner Loader

If you are a haulier of sugar beet or a sugar beet grower its most likely that you would benefit from a totally reliable Sugar Beet Cleaner Loader that meets your loading needs and the very stringent dirt tare standards imposed by most factories.

If you are looking at purchasing a sugar beet cleaner loader then there are a range of cleaner loaders available that offer the capacity, capability and flexibility to meet your needs.

Sugar Beet Cleaner Loader

Typical Sugar Beet Loader Cleaner design criteria

  • A throughput of 1 to 3 tonnes a minute.
  • Be designed so that it is suitable for fast and easy set up
  • Include a powered self-locking elevator.
  • A variety of axle and wheel configurations to provide the stability and maneuverability that you will need on your facility. Where enhanced maneuverability is required a steering axle can be fitted to either end.
  • Hoppers should be manufactured from Heavy gauge steel and be designed so that they can be loaded from 3 sides.
  • Sugar beet cleaner loaders should be designed with a suitable level of ground clearance and flared chassis design for ease of soil removal, which will allow uninterrupted operation.
  • Safety features should include electric stop/start function and control for added safety.
  • Improved reliability can be achieved through using low maintenance air cooled diesel engines that provide suitable torque across a variable speed range.
  • It is important that the engine you select complies with EU legislation for emissions
  • If you require uninterrupted use then a large capacity fuel tank will be required.
  • Sealed rollers should be used on all conveyors and elevators to provide trouble free service and cause minimum damage to beet
  • A core feature is smooth speed control in hoppers and pick off conveyors. This combined with a system of spiral rollers between the pre cleaner and the final scrubber mechanism. All pressure sprung rollers should be adjustable to avoid (reduce) damage from the stones, clods and trash they displace.
  • Some models will be more effective on light stoney land and heavy wet conditions.

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Sugar Beet Cleaner Loader

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