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Struggling To Get A Sales Meeting Try These Tips

Is The Customer Worthwhile

How much is am meeting or call worth to you ?

In striving to get the meeting does the customer match your ideal client profile

  • Do they have budgetary control
  • Is their budget sizeable
  • Can they become a customer for life
  • Customer Value = Sales Price – Cost of Goods
  • What % of conversations / meetings do you close

Once you have identified a profile

  • Build a dream list
  • Send them weird shit – that gets noticed
  • Follow up


Struggling To Get A Sales Meeting Try These Tips

Approach 1 – The illegal phone box

  • The aim of this is to get the prospect to call us
  • We send them a mobile phone with a pre configured number
  • The prospect has to sign for the box
  • In the box are the instructions to press the green button twice – so they can call us
    • We can see the number so know who is calling

The difficulties with this approach

  • buying multiple sim cards can be a challenge
  • loading with credit
  • sourcing 10 phones at a time can be difficult ( might have to do second hand

Approach 2 – The Hamster Box

  • Send the prospect a live hamster in a box (difficult to ignore)
  • Note there is potential for this to go horribly wrong

Approach 3 – The Sweet Box

  • Send a box of sweets or sweet dispenser that is padlocked
  • They can only get the key or the code if they call

Approach 4 – The Out Of Date Sandwich

  • An old pre packaged sandwich with a note that says we would never sell out of date ….

If any of these work for you then a sales meeting should be scheduled and importantly the meeting should take place.

If you would like more information on latest marketing approaches then contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing and sales professional or for more information on business development approaches click here

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