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Steep Hillside Mowers Remote Control Improves Safety

Working on steeply inclined, challenging, rough terrain and grass with a traditional man-on-board powered mower can often put the driver at risk.

Steep Hillside Mowers Utilising new technology often provides the opportunity to provide safer working environments.

The use of wireless remote controlled Steep Hillside Mowers provides a high capacity cutting capability whilst keeping the operator at a safe distance.

Steep Hillside Mowers

Steep Hillside Mowers

With remote control can be used on steep slopes as well as flatter terrains. Many have the ability to work on terrains angled up to a very steep 55 degrees. The remote control operation of  Steep Hillside Mowers makes them ideal for use in the following applications:

  • Hilly and mountainous areas where a traditional manned vehicle would be likely to tipping over
  • Banks and ditches – especially where these are near water
  • Escarpments and highways allowing them to be used confidently in high traffic areas
  • Near railway lines – where manned vehicles would be prohibited
  • Military land, Industrial and energy plants where safety and security critical
  • Public parklands and Forested areas.
  • Airports especially in areas where aeroplanes are operating
  • Drainage systems and reservoirs where a single operator could be in a dangerous situation if working remotely
  • Municipal areas and Sports facilities particularly those with steep banks
  • Durable and robust.

What should you look out for in steep hillside mowers

  • If you are going to be transporting the vehicle a four point attachment system for lifting
  • For protection of the steep hillside mower a robust roll bar, integrated into the chassis,
  • For use in the dark flashing LEDs and powerful headlights ensure high visibility during operation.
  • For particularly difficult or steep conditions, a range of tracks should be available for steep hillside mowers to provide added stability and grip.

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