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Steel Security Doors

Steel Security Doors Designed To Keep People Out

Steel Security Doors Things To Consider When Purchasing

  • The adage you get what you pay for is completely true in the case of steel security doors. Without doubt a steel security door will cost significant more than an alternative door material. If you are fitting the door to act as a security barrier it doesn’t make sense to go for a lower cost unit that wont achieve the level of security you need
  • Often a lower priced door wont comply with the European wide fire resistance standard BS EN 1634-1? (which replaces the previous British Standard for fire resistance)
Steel Security Doors
  • Sometimes manufacturers will have a solid steel robust construction and then fit inferior locking mechanism. The locking mechanism is critical (unless you are planning to leave your steel security door unlocked) so check that it is a quality made mechanism from the UK or other leading source
  • Does the security key come with a side bar? It is always worthwhile before you run into a problem to checkout the contractor by calling them in the evening or at weekends to see if they are offering the service they promised should anything go wrong with the door locking mechanism. This is crucial as for example as if there is attempted burglary, etc. what buy adderall uk will you do for the period the door is inoperable.

Security Doors Designed For Domestic Use

When you talk about a steel door set most people will think that these are designed for factories and warehouses. This is an obvious assumption as these are places that need to have a high level of security. It is important to note that steel security doors don’t need to look like factory doors, in fact there are some attractive styles and a wide range of colours available.

An important general point to consider in relation to the existing doors that you have fitted to your house. The majority of homeowners will have spent the most on their front entrance door , this is often for aesthetics and security reasons. Often there are other doors that are probably far less visible,  back doors, garage entrance doors, doors to outbuildings for example that are more likely to be targeted by a criminal. Therefore the correctly specified security doors installed correctly are an important element in the security mix along with alarms, and lighting.

Steel Security Doors

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