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Start With Why

Reverse the approach and identify the real issues

Many companies follow this approach when trying to come up with a solution to a problem.

They start with the “What” question –

  • What can we do to increase sales ?
  • What can we do to increase staff performance etc.

Then they ask the “How” question –

  • How will we implement
  • How will we achieve increased  sales.

Finally they consider the “Why” issue.

So the suggestion is what if you start from the perspective of why.

Lets see how the process  might develop

  • Why do we want to increase sales?
    • By starting with this question it may raise issues such as
      • profitability,
      • utilising spare capacity,
      • getting to a size to be credible for tenders etc.
  • The Why question helps us challenge the purpose of what we are going to do .

So then once the “Why” has been answered we can then

  • How are are we going to achieve the above
  • What specific activities do we need to complete

So next time you are looking at the issue start with “Why” not “What”

Start With Why

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