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Stainless Steel Swimming Pools Perfect For Roofs

Stainless Steel Swimming Pools helping you chill and unwind when you live in the city.

Let’s imagine you are living in a populated fast moving city where space is at a premium. You live in a high rise apartment with great views especially once you get on the roof.

What could be better than converting the “wasted” area of the roof into an area where you can relax and escape the hectic pace of city life?

Stainless Steel Swimming Pools Perfect For Roofs

Stainless swimming pools a perfect solution for roof gardens

Over the last few years a trend has emerged for using roof spaces to create roof gardens and terraces, where residents can relax away from the hustle and bustle of street life.
The next stage of the development is to add a swimming pool to this space. So now you have an area to relax and also an area to chill out literally in a pool hundreds of feet above passers by. A new market has emerged for specialist companies who have the expertise to build a stainless steel swimming pool in your roof garden or roof terrace. Stainless swimming pools can be easily incorporated into a new high rise building complex or they can be retro fitted to an existing building. As you would imagine adding a swimming pool into the roof of an existing structure is a significant and technically demanding task.
There are numerous elements to evaluate when considering roof top stainless steel swimming pools,
  • Would you be better with a Free-standing swimming pool and built-in equipment room. For a new build you could benefit from a built in stainless swimming pool and perhaps even add a moving pool floor thus providing even more versatility to the roof space
  • Stainless steel is a great material constructing swimming pools but beware there are many grades and different levels of quality. Poor quality stainless can tarnish over time, so a quality swimming pool manufacturer such as Wrightfield will be able to offer advice and guidance
  • Stainless steel is resilient to UV light (unlike some plastics), sun light and heat and frost
  • When fabricated correctly the smooth surfaces that can be achieved through stainless steel swimming pools are ideal in terms of hygiene and require very little cleaning (unlike ceramic tiles)
  • Size matters. A standard sized pool will be manufactured for a lower cost than custom made stainless swimming pools
  • Standard steel swimming pools can be prefabricated at the factory, which allows extremely faster more efficient construction and assembly
  • Custom ss swimming pools can be designed and made to any shape and size. If you are looking for an individual shaped pool then stainless steel can provide this

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