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Sourcing Products From China

High Quality Engineered Items At A Lower Unit Cost

If you are considering sourcing products from China or the Far East and you have never done this before there are a number of reasons to use a sourcing company.

  1. They will have a detailed understanding of supply chain and will actually know who is manufacturing the product
  2. Boots on the ground – they will have staff or associates in the factories during the supply process
  3. If things go wrong and you are 4500 miles away it is good to have a local opinion
Sourcing Products From China

Sourcing Products From China

The services a reputable company sourcing products from China will provide

  • They will assess each project and strategically identify and select the most suitable supplier based on
    • Product requirements – are they a specialist manufacturer or do they have complete in house capabilities
    • Quantities – Can they manufacture the required volumes in the required times or will they need to subcontract
    • Even in China there are wide variances in pricing depending on quality is the factory able to meet the target prices
    • Does the supplier have previous experience and competencies in the relevant areas
  • They will work with the chosen factory to project management the procurement and keep you updated on progress and, if necessary, any problems. Just like in a UK manufacturing process there could be problems on manufacture, assembly, packaging or shipment. A reputable sourcing company will keep you updated good or bad news
  • Negotiation will be required on
    • Unit Price obviously a key part of the negotiation to a clear ans precise specification
    • Quantities, are there minimum volumes could these be achieved by creating mixed unit containers
    • Production and delivery schedules
    • Contracts and purchasing arrangements
    • Any special elements required to the product be it product modifications, specific branding or packaging specifications (from boxes to instructions)
  • Managing the complete manufacturing process, including
    • Tooling,
    • Samples,
    • Purchasing,
    • Pre-production runs and full production runs,
    • Packaging
    • Stringent quality control.

Finding a company with experience in sourcing products from China

A reputable company with experience in sourcing products from China will probably have experience in the following product sectors:

  • Cycles, cycle components and cycle accessories
  • Hardware and Tools
  • Storage and luggage
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Specialist sports clothing
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Lighting and Lights
  • Security and Protection Equipment
  • Sports and Leisure

Sourcing Products From China

For more information on sourcing products from China click here. If you would like to increase you UK manufacturing capabilities as opposed to sourcing products from overseas click here

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