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Social Optimise – In One Click Send

Maximise Potential Social Media Benefits Without Having To Spend Time Posting Content

The Challenge Of Social Media 

Many companies we talk to spend valuable time writing content for Linked In,Google + posting out photos on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. It  a laborious, time consuming process but they do it as they are hoping for the benefits that social media could provide over time.
Ever since Google started it’s goal has been to effectively rank the best quality webpages. This is so that users of Google (thats about 9 out of evrrry 10- people) can consistently find the best content first in Google (and not on other search engines).The one thing that we know is beneficial for a website is to produce will written content that is

  • Unique : i.e. its original content not just a cut and paste
  • Relevant : i.e. if you are manufacturing widgets content should be based around aspects of widgets
  • Authoritative : i.e. at least 300 words and accompanied by a suitable image
  • Frequent – i.e. produced as a minimum weekly or more frequently 

With some of the changes Google has been making it appears that links with Social Media along with great content may ultimately be beneficial.

Social Optimise – In One Click Send Social Content

Get Your Great Content Into Social Media Without Spending Any Additional Time

Once you realise how beneficial producing great content is, and how it will be an asset on your website. I t allows you to think about articles that you could create that would be of interest to your customers. So what if these articles (posts / news) could be posted automatically onto your social media profiles specifically Google + , Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and You Tube.

On WordPress websites we have automated social media distribution. The moment you click the Publish button on your website your awesome article appears on your website, a title, link, image and excerpt of that article are published on all the social media sites and even sent to your current email list.

To further improve the content we create your business  Google + , Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and You Tube accounts so that they are styled as per your website. That way if a customer visits your social media all the formats have a similar style
Below are examples of how the Blue Dolphin WordPress content is consistently presented on the various platforms.

Social Optimise – In One Click Send Social Content

For more information about implementing Social Optimise simply click here on the link. For more information contact Andrew Goode an experienced and professional marketeer on 01733 361729.

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