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Social Media Hacks – Best & Latest Practice Snippets

Some Social Media Hacks


  • The old way of advertising was “print /  newspapers / mass”
  • The old way for Social Media was “Boost / Share”
  • How can you stay ahead of the game with social media advertising
    • People are more likely to engage ( and buy) if the adverts are hyper relevant to them


  • In app checkout is coming soon ( not sure of an exact date) That means you will be able to make a purchase in Instagram without leaving the app


  • A new feature is that Facebook AI is creating campaigns for you. The challenge is how can we use AI not how do we market
  • The art of influence
    • send an influencer something nice
    • pay them a fee ( unfortunately the effective influencer’s are costing a lot more than they used to )
    • get them to say something nice about your product
    • Hey ho when the influencer mentions your traffic increases
    • When you get a higher volume of traffic – then you can analyse data
      • The most valuable thing is to analyse this data and use data insights to find new customers
    • If you need some influencers try this has a number of different influencers with groups of 3.000 to 35,000 followers who can reach a variety of different profiled groups
Social Media - Snippets

Make Saveable, Shareable Content

From Buy Now to How To

To may people try to sell not enough people try to help you solve a problem or gain enjoyment.

How do people feel when buying from you?

Are your transactions painful or painless?

Cost Per Click Increased by 136% over 6 months

Facebook advertising can be highly successful. As more and more people have got involved it as an advertising platform so the advertising costs have increased. In fact over the last 6 months costs have increased by 136%


This is a tool that allows you to upload podcasts and then blast them out

Which mediums did a leading Social Media Expert suggest

  • LinkedIn Personal – Yes
  • LinkedIn Business – No
  • Instagram – OK
  • Instagram Stories – Yes
  • Facebook – No
  • Twitter – OK

Social Media Challenges

From a business perspective we dont have social media challenges. We have business challenges for which we require marketing and sales activities. The challenge is we want marketing and sales results NOW. Unfortunately results wont typicaqlly happen immediately they will take a minimum of 3 to 6 months and in a more realistic world think 2 years ahead.

An Approach To Creating a Podcast

  • Sit down with a bunch of your colleagues
  • Discuss 6 topics
  • You are the experts
  • Create 5 mins of content
  • Make sure you publish on a regular basis ( weekly) so people know when to expect the next

Big Social Media Advice

  1. Get the basic stuff right
  2. Your website is critical. Don’t concentrate on the design
    • Think about who is the audience
    • What is there journey
    • Then test their journey
  3. Focus on the long term – building a brand
  4. Content pages are critical
    • Tailored pages per piece of content
    • Multiple Action Points
    • Quality content is still critical

If you would like more information on latest marketing approaches then contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing and sales professional or for more information on business development approaches click here

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