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Small Row Boat For Sale – Best Way To Advertise

If you had a small row boat for sale what would be the best / most effective way to advertise to prospective buyers. In this article we will consider how traditional offline marketing methods compare to the wonderful world of digital marketing.

We will consider the importance of imagery, copy and physical evidence. You may have noticed the colourful picture of the flowers that doesn’t look at all like a small row boat for sale. That could be good or bad, but at least something grabbed your attention.

Small Row Boat For Sale – Best Way To Advertise

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Small Row Boat For Sale Advertising Options

There are a number of ways that you could go about trying to make people aware of your small row boat for sale.

Advertising in the Local Free Press Classifieds

Advantages – Its potentially free, you are reaching your local audience.
Disadvantages – You are limited on the amount of characters / imagery plus what if your prospective customer isnt a local

A poster in your local chandlers / marina

Advantages – You are getting your message directly in front of your prospective target audience i.e. its boat owners who visit the chandlers. Who do boat owners know and talk to; other boat owners. So an advert here is almost like targeted direct mail (as long as it gets noticed). Additionally you could probably leave the boat at the chandlers so it could actually be seen and the chandlers could take a percentage of the sale price

Disadvantages -It will probably cost you money to place the poster. The audience will probably be very familiar with the item for sale so will know their stuff and negotiate harder, so more difficult to get a premium price (unless its a premium product)

E Bay (on line platform linking buyers and sellers )

Advantages – The platform is used buy people who are looking to purchase. You can categorise your small row boat for sale so that it appears in the area where people will be looking within Ebay

Disadvantages – Cost plus how do you get your product noticed ahead of others or achieve the optimum sale pricing

Small Row Boat For Sale – Summary

The above are just some of the options available if you were looking to create a small row boat for website click here For more information from an experienced marketing and sales professional click here

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