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Slug Pellet Spreader For Effective Removal

Slug pellet spreader technology has developed over the few years to meet the needs of the agricultural sector.

With treatment costs increasing and the overall demand to be as efficient (economically and environmentally) and also as effective as possible in completing slug removal in a single pass process.

Therefore the slug pellet dispenser device needs to be designed to direct and dispense the pellets as accurately as possible.

Slug Pellet Spreader For Effective Removal

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Slug Pellet Spreader Attributes

  • It is important to choose a unit that is suitable for mounting directly onto an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), tractor, grass harrow or cultivation equipment.
  • A slug pellet distribution device should include a plastic hopper that is
    • Light, as you will be most likely be frequently moving and manually handling
    • easy to clean so that you can use the hopper for other substances if required
    • Is durable and resistant to accidental knocks as it is more than likely that it will get bumped and scraped in operation
    • Incorporating an easily visible observation area so that the operator can see the level of pellets within the slug pellet spreader. Often a transparent window is used to provide this function.
    • Crucially a sealed lid should be incorporated to protect the slug pellets from dust and moisture.
  • The spreader should have a robust steel frame that includes universal mounting plates for easy fitting to the desired vehicle.

Slug Pellet Spreading Standard equipment should include:

  • Metering slide, vanes and disc made from stainless steel
  • A high quality reliable, 12 volt electric motor for the disc drive
  • The ability to quickly and easily adjust the application rate
  • Ability to increase or decrease the disc speed to in order to control spread width
  • Adjustable spread vanes for control of the spread balance
  • For progressive feed to metering outlet an adjustable agitator
  • 2.1 Control box for control of disc speed and instant start/stop of spreading.
  • Electric Supply 12v / 25a

For more information on Slug Pellet Spreader characteristics click here, for details on websites to sell a slug pellet spreader click here.

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