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Simple Tips To Improve Email Copy

For those involved in B2B communications email provides a great mechanism for sending sales and content messages.

Even though it is common approach it is still used poorly by many companies.

In this article we will look at some simple tips to improve email copy.

Simple Tips To Improve Email Copy

Tip 1: Don’t preamble  – get straight to the point

  • do it in the first paragraph
  • ask a question at an early stage or even within the subject
  • Some like to apply the 5 sentences rule i.e. keep your email to just 5 sentences

Tip 1 checklist 

  • Have you included all the relevant information
  • Is the information correct
  • Does your opening sentence make it clear what the email is about
  • how will it look on a mobile

Tip 2: Put (serious) work into the subject line

  • How much of the subject line will get cut off (many systems will only show 41 to 50 characters)
    • Therefore have the important content at the start of the sentence

Tip 2 checklist 

  • Have I thought enough
  • Do the subject line maths
  • Will the subject line get caught by the spam filters
  • Would you click on the subject line

Tip 3: Decide What You Want People To Do

  • The simple rule is One message / One action – don’t try and cram too much in

Tip 3 checklist 

  • Are the calls to action clear
  • Is your language persuasive
  • Is there a reason to click
  • Are there too many reasons to delete

Tip 4: Test Test Test

  • Never be your own proof reader
  • Read it out aloud
  • Test your links

Tip 4 checklist 

  • Do all the links work
  • Are the alt tags correct
  • Are there any typos
  • Has someone else checked it
  • Can we AB test the subject line
  • Look at the opening results
  • Compare it to competition emails

Simple Tips To Improve Email Copy

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