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Silo Temperature Monitoring System For Your Company

Many companies still seem to work in a departmentalised way with Sales not talking to marketing, finance not working with production. Leading to the classic silo approach within a company.

An organisational Silo Temperature Monitoring System could be the solution to help encourage greater joint participation and mutual collaborative working.

Does your company have a silo mentality? If so you may find this article of interest.

Silo Temperature Monitoring System For Your Company

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Silo Temperature Monitoring System Identifies Where Relationships Are Frosty

Have you ever worked in an organisation where its as if the various departments are trying to compete against one another and who almost thrive on a department making a mistake (though it ultimately impacts on the whole company). Where the finance department appear to be a complete block on the sales process. Applying as many barriers as possible to prevent a sale (primarily because they see the sales team as the lardy dar people of the organisation who live it up ion their company cars and with the companies expense account).

So when they have the opportunity to seek revenge they

  • Apologise for the fact that it will take them 3 weeks to run credit checks and set up that high value prospect as a customer
  • Ensure that they are as difficult as possible when reconciling internal costs
  • Put a major account customer on stop without actually informing you (so the sales account manager could take proactive action)

How would the Silo Temperature Monitoring System Work

Now I know I have picked on Finance and Sales but there are examples of silo mentality across HR, Marketing, Production, Maintenance, Stores , Warehousing, Inspection, R&D etc etc.

So the idea would be that the silo temperature monitoring system is installed throughout the organisation with temperature probes located in each of the departments. These probes identify when there is positive interaction between departments and relationships are warming. Equally if relationships are deteriorating and becoming frosty this could be easily and visibly demonstrated to the “leaders”and “shareholders” within the company.

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