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Shop Fixtures and Fittings Help Marketing

With many goods and commodities being very similar shop fixtures and fittings are an important mechanism to help make your goods look better or to encourage browsing.

The in store refit by many of the smaller post offices incorporating the counter services has had a significant impact on increasing the number of transactions and the average spend value.

In  this article we will consider shop fitting and fixture issues.

Shop Fixtures and Fittings Help Marketing

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Shop Fixtures and Fittings Advantages and Disadvantages

I recently went into a Gucci store, the display of £1400 bags were displayed against a plain wall on simple plinths and had a huge amount of space between each item. The whole display smacked  of quality  and exclusivity and encouraged one to look at the detail of the product.

On the same day I went into the market at convent garden where the traders were selling their handcrafted produce from intricate glass sculptures through to hand crafted metal sculptures. Every stall had a mixture of fixtures and fittings to try and showcase the products. From a simple cloth on a table through to a concoction of shelving. The net result, that whilst  many of the products had as much quality and care as a Gucci made these products appear as lower priced craft items.

Adding value Through Shop Fixtures and Fittings

  • What if the intricate coloured glass sculptures had been displayed in a well lit cabinet, where the sculptures rotated round and caught the light.
  • Where you had to request or engage with a member of staff to access the items.
  • Where the lighting on the items created a real “wow” visual experience and dragged your senses away from the other stores or food vendors. Could this have increased  the perceived value of the sculptures – so a £300 sculpture becomes a £450 exclusive and treasured sculpture
  • The awareness of the products available – whereby the display genuinely does become a draw to the passing footfall

Shop Fixtures and Fittings Help Marketing

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