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Sheet Metal Fabricators

Sheet Metal Fabricators Services Provided

Sheet Metal Fabricators CNC Capabilities

CNC Punch Press

sheet sizes of up to 2500mm x 1250mm can be punched. Punching accuracy can be maintained to within 0.25mm of true position. Components are nested in the sheet to achieve the most economical sheet usage. The punch press is used for high volume production i.e. anything where over 100 components are required. Production cycle times are often measured in as little as milliseconds. Material yield is measured as a percentage of parts to waste per sheet processed. A quality sheet metal fabricator with modern cnc punch press equipment should be able to achieve very low waste rates. CAD/CAM programs maximize yield by nesting parts in the layout of the sheet. Again a reputable sheet metal fabricators should have the latest cad / cam packages and offer this as an integrated service

Sheet Metal Fabricators

CNC Brake Press

a 2 axis cnc brake press will typically be able to press sheet material of up to 2500mm in width using their 120 ton capacity. With the selected die Press brakes can be used for many different forming jobs 

  • V-dies—the most common type of die. Changing the bottom diee with different-sized die openings allows a variety of materials and bend angles to be achieved
  • Acute angle (air-bending) dies—used in air bending, allow 90 degree angles to be produced
  • Offset dies—a combination punch and die set that bends two angles in one stroke to produce a Z shape.This process is incredibly useful when looking to 
  • Curling dies—The die forms a curled or coiled edge on the sheet. By curling the edge this makes for a safer edge especially useful if a fabricated element is going to be handled once completed

Sheet Metal Fabricators

There are many issues to consider when choosing which Sheet Metal Fabrication companies will be best able to meet your fabrication requirements. For more information on selecting Sheet Metal Fabricators click here, For more information on targeted measurable marketing to help promote sheet metal fabricators contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing professional with manufacturing experience

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