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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication Essential Information

Sheet Metal Fabrication Issues To Consider

Sheet metal fabrication encompasses a number of key elements

  1. Design – Good quality sheet metal fabricators will be able to offer a complete design service or take you detailed Auto Cad drawings and produce components that match exactly your requirements. It is beneficial to know how CNC machines operate as this will often help in the designing of the components or the complete assembly. The service of ensuring that drawings / ideas can actually be manufactured (cost effectively and in the easiest manner) can be especially valuable where high volumes of components will be produced
Sheet Metal Fabrication
  1. As part of the sheet metal design process engineers will be able to identify 
    1. The best manufacturing process i.e. which machines, which order etc
    2. The most appropriate materials to provide a solution. Should thicker materials be used in certain places. Can thinner materials be used and bent to provide additional strength
    3. The optimum finish to be provided on the sheet. In some cases a paint finish might be best, in other cases screen printing might be required
    4. Overall working with the sheet fabrication company should allow you to end up with the best most cost effective design leading to consistent quality and cost effective, repeatable product quality
  2. Cutting – CNC laser cutting typically means that sheet sizes of 2500mm x 1250mm can be processed. There are significant benefits to be gained by cnc laser cutting
    1. Laser cutting is fast – dependent upon the material type and thickness incredibly fast /m speeds can be achieved
    2. Laser cutting is incredibly accurate and tolerances in microns can be achieved
    3. Laser cutting has the advantage of being precisely repeatable making it perfect for creating components of all shapes and sizes using either flat sheet or tubular materials

Sheet Fabrication

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