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Self Propelled Boom Sprayer

There are a number of self propelled boom sprayer with a variety of formats and specifications.

Some have stainless steel tanks are available in capacities of up to 8,000 litres, whilst others have booms of up to 48 metres (manufactured in aluminium ) which are Europe’s largest four-wheeled agricultural sprayers with self propelled boom sprayer.

With boom sprayers varying so much – which is the best Self Propelled Sprayer manufactured in the UK

Self Propelled Boom Sprayer

Self Propelled Boom Sprayer Features

On the larger capacity Propelled Boom Sprayers the tank is centrally mounted which puts it between both axles which helps to achieve equal weight distribution on all of the four wheels. Additionally it achieves a lower centre of gravity whether the Self Propelled Sprayer is full or empty. Whilst some of the sprayers offer an incredible tank capacity and boom width many have a very light overall footprint, which reduces compaction whilst maintaining excellent stability and traction. When you have such a large boom width auto boom levelling should be considered a must have feature. On many sprayers this is achieved through a variable geometry boom combined with ultrasonic sensing that ensures the spray nozzle is always at the optimum height above the crop regardless of the terrain. The use of these features helps to ensure minimal spray drift which offers numerous benefits (reduced wastage and better definition of where the spray needs to go). With sprays costing so much correct application is crucial and GPS spray controllers with rate control, facility and auto section shut off should be fitted.

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Self Propelled Sprayer Tank Guidlines

Tanks are available from 3000 litres to 8000 litres and should be made from 304L grade stainless steel. Most manufacturers will be able to advise on the optimum tank capacity for your usage. Note where larger tank capacities are purchased it is critical to ensure the tankl is suitably baffled.  Where possible the tank should be mounted between axles to provide a lower centre of gravity. A clean water tank for water priming the centrifugal pump should be incorporated.
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