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Sales Need To Move from USP to CUSP

The technique of Unique Selling Point or Unique selling proposition has been around for very many years. In this article we will look at why we need to move from USP to CUSP.

It was first proposed to try and explain patterns that successful advertising campaigns of the 1940’s.

The logic being that the USP within the campaign was the proposition that convinced customers to switch brands.

Sales Need To Move from USP to CUSP

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The problem of a single USP

Unfortunately many companies follow the concept of USP rigidly and create a single USP that they use for all prospecting and as the driver for all marketing communication. The challenge is that one USP isn’t enough as most companies typically you don’t have a single customer profile.

For many B2B companies even if they are selling to a single sector there are often multiple types of people who are involved in the decision making unit. So for example if you are looking to become a new B2B supplier you need to satisfy the

  • Person in charge of finance – they will be interested in payment terms / discounts / credit terms / the volume that need to purchased etc anything to do with payment criteria
  • The general manager will most likely be interested in lead times, how stock will be delivered, maintenance & service, response times, what happens in the event of a problem etc
  • The Technical manager will focus on elements such as specifications, performance, tolerance, reliability, ease of use
  • The buyer or procurement could be interested in who can make their life really easy, the lowest cost price and who can make them look like a superstar (so that they can get a promotion)

From USP to CUSP

So don’t just think about creating or developing a single unique selling point, look at creating Customer Unique Selling Points based around whats of importance and value to the specific person within the decision making unit. If you are selling to a single person (perhaps the MD) then they may be completing a variety of roles so could benefit  from a variety of CUSP’s


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Sales Need To Move from USP to CUSP

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