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Get More Sales by The TEA Approach

Get More Sales by The TEA Approach

For many purchases there is a need to engage in a conversation before the transaction can be completed.

So how can you help encourage / start conversations in a retail or service environment. The TEA approach could be just whats needed to set you apart.

Get More Sales by The TEA Approach

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Retail shops (non commodity) – Get More Sales by The TEA Approach

So a customer enters your shop and is browsing, you approach them with “would you like a cup of tea or coffee its FREE”. Now if there are kids involved you can modify  this to “would you like a cup of tea or coffee or squash and biscuit there FREE”.

As soon as a person has a hot cup of tea you have them in your shop for at least 5 minutes. That’s 5 minutes  browsing time, or time to demonstrate or more importantly time to start building a relationship.

Professional Service Companies  – Get more sales by the TEA approach

Now I know for many professional service companies time is money (billable in 5 minute chunks etc) so encouraging a prospect to sit down and talk could be considered wasteful.

However what if this time could be used in a structured way to help you better understand your clients needs and develop some rapport (all helped by a nice cup of tea and a biscuit). This simple act could be the only “differentiating element” between your competitors and you.

Get More Sales by The TEA Approach

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